The Path of Three Pure Rivers  (San Qing He Dao)
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Three Rivers/12 Steps: Qigong For Recovery


Three Rivers/12 Steps: Qigong For Recovery


   The Path of Three Pure Rivers (San Qing He Dao)

                   ... An overview

   Our society is reaching a critical point in its overall evolution; a point which may determine its very survival. A virulent pathology has spread throughout the world and has taken root, and at the center of this dysfunction is the never-satisfied, out of control ego. It isn't all that difficult to find examples of the destructive force the narcissistic ego exerting. Just look around! Be it the pathological pace at which we have decided we need to live our lives, to the insatiable need for ever-increasing sensory stimulation during every waking hour, it is clear that the delusion most of society is operating under is reaching critical mass. Preoccupation with self at the exclusion, and often expense of others is business-as-usual these days. It cannot continue at the current pace without reaching the eventuality of self-destruction.

   People working in the field of Addiction and Recovery may be among the few with the tools to address this plague since the core of the societal dysfunction was recognized as the seed of addiction in the days of Bill W. Regardless of the medium, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, cutting, hand-held technology, gambling, shopping, internet pornography, playing the market, sports, the list goes on and on, addiction is the unending pursuit of satisfaction by the never-satisfied ego via its perception of how the world should serve it, because, after all, "I'm worth it and I deserve it!" The narcissistic ego would rather destroy itself than admit it was wrong, or take responsibility for itself and its actions. "Nothing is my fault and everything I do to myself and others is the result of what others do to me."

   Three Rivers/12 Steps: Qigong For Recovery approaches addiction, recovery and addictive disorders from the Classical and Traditional medical, philosophical and spiritual perspectives. The program seeks to reintegrate the person's body, mind, and spirit which, due to the manifestations of addictive disorders, have become fragmented. All aspects of the person are addressed:

   The Physical: (Jing) is addressed by reconnecting the person with their bodies utilizing client-specific Qigong exercises which retrain the posture, breath, body awareness, and bio-mechanics.

   The Energetic/Emotional: (Qi) is addressed through application of the Five-Phase System of Chinese Herbal, Dietary, and Psycho/Emotional correspondences.

   The Spiritual: (Shen) is addressed using the 12 Steps interwoven with the Chinese Spiritual traditions and understandings.

  Reconnecting with the Body (Jing)  


  • Reestablishing Alignment
  • Neurological breath-work
  • Balancing hemispheres via movement
  • Psycho/Emotional Bio-mechanics
  • Discovering - Accessing - Releasing muscular tension
  • Movement as Self-regulation                                                                  


Reconnecting with the Mind (Qi)


  • The body as an energetic matrix
  • Flow vs. Stagnation
  • Pre-natal /Post-natal
  • Five Phase Correspondences
  • Dietary Energetics
  • The Energetics of Emotions


Reconnecting with the Spirit (Shen)

  • Accessing Divinity
  • Higher influencing/creating Lower
  • The #3 Key (special significance for counselors/therapists*)
  • A part of, not apart from
  • Linear/Non-linear, Duality/Non-duality
  • Pathways of Return


   *Sessions for counselors and therapists include valuable instructions and tools to understand and deal with toxic energies encountered during sessions. This pathological energy is real and usually affects the person below the conscious level. Accumulation of this toxicity is often at the heart of therapeutic burn-out.


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