The Path of Three Pure Rivers  (San Qing He Dao)
                                                          Three Pure Rivers Studio for the Arts

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National Qigong Association (NQA)

The NQA is the premier membership organization for Qigong. It is a non-profit, IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization which acts as an umbrella and resource for qigong and taiji teachers, students, and practitioners. The NQA does not endorse any one style or system of qigong or taiji.

National Qigong Association  - P.O. Box 270065 - St. Paul, MN 55127

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Little Creek Lodge is committed to building a strong foundation and integrating internalized recovery, through therapeutic and 12 step models; with a focus on the spiritual paradigm. Our message is delivered in a clean, safe, confidential environment that addresses the needs of each client on an individual and group level, by caring compassionate, experienced professional staff.

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Health by Design Natural Clinic                                                     Where Science and Nature Come Together                                                                          

     We offer nutritional consultations for adults and children, healthy eating and healthy weight loss plans, professional, natural supplements. The team at Health by Design: Listens... to your entire health history, Evaluates... your health using functional lab tests and clinical evaluation, Educates... on how your body functions and the root cause of health conditions, Designs... a nutritional plan for you!

Dr. Jeannie Peck, DNM, LCT

266 West Main Street - Leola, PA  17540 - Lancaster County

Phone: 717.556.8103